California Grill: A New View for Magic Kingdom Fireworks

3 thoughts on “California Grill: A New View for Magic Kingdom Fireworks

  1. There is a reason more and more people are using sites OTHER than YouTube. YouTube accepts ANY spurious claim and removes content. As you’ve seen, they most likely don’t control the copyright, which would make their action ILLEGAL…but Youtube doesn’t care. *I* could have your content taken down and it would take MONTHS to get it back up.

  2. I thought the “Wishes” song was original to Disney? It’s still a great video and an incredible spot to watch the Fireworks. I think it’s fun to watch them from different vantage points. One of my favorite spots is to ride Big Thunder during the fireworks!

  3. This really sucks. I film park videos for a living. This is my job filming on-ride videos ect fr my site informing people about new atteactions. The problem is UMG Universal Music Group Does NOT own ANY of the songs used at the Disney Parks. The Issue is that Disney is now expanding there music used like on tv shows and movies and now including park music (Such as from a ride waiting it a queue line ect) as part of UMG cause they use UMG as a distributor for their music. Im getting copyright notices on a lot of my on-ride videos. Im loosing out on my income from this! Also even thogh UMG is the distributor they did not make the video portion and if we can’t monetize our videos cause its using someone elses music then they should be able to make money off of our videos cause they don’t own the video portion. They should be doing a 50/50 split. This is so stupid and a bad move for Disney cause anyone making a fan made video or family memories at the park is going to get a copyright notice.

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