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Disneyland 1955 Home Movies

If I had a time machine at my disposal, it would be very tempting to travel back to 1955, cough up the dollar fifty admission and visit Disneyland during its inaugural year. While, I don’t have a time machine, there is YouTube and the great culture of sharing home movies. Here are a few home videos that feature Walt’s park in its earliest incarnation.

This next one captures the park just a few days after opening. Walt even makes an appearance:

Holy smokes. Did you see that clown at the 2:08 mark? Where did that come from? Also note at 2:30 that Dumbo was still under construction.

This one from the Disney History Institute places 1955 Disneyland in historical context:

What do you miss the most about the early days of Disneyland?

1 thought on “Disneyland 1955 Home Movies”

  1. To me, the biggest difference in pretty much all of Disneyland is the lack of mature trees. Especially in the Casey Jr./Canal Boats area — that part of the park looks rather bleak.

    I would love to have seen the Pack Mules/Stagecoaches. That was long gone by my first trip to Disneyland. The original Tomorrowland would also have been cool to see.

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