The Morning Report – Tuesday Timewarp

I just finished watching Monday Night Football on ESPN and I had to wonder, what happens when the games are crap. This Forbes column answers that question. The Disney Blog author Mark Storer has an article in the Ventura County Star about a back yard… Read More »The Morning Report – Tuesday Timewarp

Morning Report – Thursday Thoughts

A few odds and ends to post this morning: A mystery is slowly resolving over on Kevin Kidney’s blog today. A report from the island nation of Tobago has identified the original tree from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse film. Plus there are a few… Read More »Morning Report – Thursday Thoughts

The Morning Report – Monday Monday

Come what may, I’ve got some open tabs to close: Chad Emerson interviews some folks from Disney marketing about the park’s merchandise. So now you know where those ideas come from. Tokyo Disneyland Resort welcomed its 500 millionth visitor last week. Appropriately it was a… Read More »The Morning Report – Monday Monday

Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo

Time to close some open tabs: Floyd Norman, venerable Disney animator has been regularly updating his blog again. Lots of great historical information there. For instance, did you know there was a studio jazz band even before Firehouse Five plus 2? Yep, the Huggajeddy 8.… Read More »Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo

The Morning Report – Tuesday Edition

Clearing a few open tabs that I was saving for longer posts, but don’t have time to get to: Designing Disney is a relatively new blog that has been doing some great work looking at various Disney theme park attractions and locations around the globe.… Read More »The Morning Report – Tuesday Edition

The Morning Report – TGIF Edition

What a crazy week. I hope you’re getting ready for a big Disney weekend. In the meantime, it’s time to close some stories I’ve been meaning to get to: has been upgraded and now resembles it’s eastern cousin more closely. TV Kirby’s weekly list… Read More »The Morning Report – TGIF Edition

The Morning Report – TGIF Edition

This was a short week, but man has it been crazy. Now it’s time to clean up some open tabs that I’ve been waiting to share with you. Yesterday I attended the Community Preview for LEGOLAND Florida. I’m tracking developments at that park over at… Read More »The Morning Report – TGIF Edition