Morning Report – Thursday Thoughts

A few odds and ends to post this morning:

A mystery is slowly resolving over on Kevin Kidney’s blog today. A report from the island nation of Tobago has identified the original tree from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse film. Plus there are a few other locations from when the movie was shot there.

SeaWorld is expanding Discovery Cove and Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel talked with SeaWorld Executive Stewart Clark about that and other matters.

WMFE, the Orlando area NPR radio station, has a great series on the history and impact of the I-4 interstate highway on Central Florida. There is a great piece on Cypress Gardens and how the opening of the I-4 was the beginning of the end for that property and the start of another theme park we’ll all familiar with.

Another WDW Secret has been revealed by Amanda Tinney and Zannaland on their respective blogs.

Court Proceedings continue in the lawsuit against Disney from the family of the cast member who was killed in the tragic accident. This story has to do with Disney not wanting to release anything related to the safety history of the attraction.

Last, but most importantly, let me say Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife. When we met at Disneyland all those years ago, I knew we’d be together forever.