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The Morning Report – TGIF Edition

What a crazy week. I hope you’re getting ready for a big Disney weekend. In the meantime, it’s time to close some stories I’ve been meaning to get to:

  • has been upgraded and now resembles it’s eastern cousin more closely.
  • TV Kirby’s weekly list of Disney Theme Park related shows on TV has a couple to keep an eye on this week, “Dream on Silly Dreamer” is on the Documentary Channel August 3rd. It’s a great resource every Disney fan needs to bookmark.
  • Speaking of TV, Io9 has some worrying things to say about “No Ordinary Family” ABC’s supposed next big prime time hit.
  • If I won the lottery, one of the first things I would buy is a Canon 7D. It takes professional quality HD video, which I would love to use for some future projects and at the parks. Brad Lindseth had the same idea and his video of A Day At Disneyland, is wonderful.
  • Disney is preparing the Gargoyles movie, but alas it sounds like it’s not a reboot of the animated Disney Channel show, just something along the same lines.
  • had some great coverage of TRON: Legacy at SDCC. Meanwhile the NY Times examines Disney’s 3 year promotional campaign for the movie.
  • The Anti-3D backlash has hit Beauty and the Beast 3D. They didn’t say this when Nightmare Before Christmas was upgraded to 3D and I’m hearing good things about how the process has worked on B&TB. So wait and see, I see.

Finally, please don’t forget about my Kickstarter project to crowd fund “Dispatch from Disneyland: The Fireworks Spot and Other Tales.” It was a great first day, but I’m still a long way from the finish line and can use your support. Please consider pre-ordering a copy of the book for $20 or check out other reward tiers.

Even The Beatles want you to support my project so please “Don’t Let me Down”

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