The Morning Report – Monday Monday

Come what may, I’ve got some open tabs to close:

  • Chad Emerson interviews some folks from Disney marketing about the park’s merchandise. So now you know where those ideas come from.
  • Tokyo Disneyland Resort welcomed its 500 millionth visitor last week. Appropriately it was a 38 year old housewife who won. Some of those women practically live in the place.
  • CartoonBrew reports on the real impact of the kerfuffle between Disney and the folks who organize the Annie Awards.
  • Did you miss the TRON: Legacy marketing efforts at Comic-Con? Don’t worry Jay West has got your back in the most comprehensive coverage of the film’s marketing I’ve seen.
  • Disney World will be holding a passholder event to introduce Duffy – The Disney Bear. Technically this is a re-introduction as the Disney Bear got its start at Disney World, but has taken on new life overseas at Tokyo Disney.
  • The Napa Valley Register took a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

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That’s it. Have a great week everyone!