Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo

Time to close some open tabs:

Floyd Norman, venerable Disney animator has been regularly updating his blog again. Lots of great historical information there. For instance, did you know there was a studio jazz band even before Firehouse Five plus 2? Yep, the Huggajeddy 8.

The second annual ConGaloosh is a convention that celebrates the unique wackiness that was the Adventurers Club. Tickets are still available for this years event in October.

Why the Muppets already have a great home in the Smithsonian, some of the very oldest muppets, including the original Kermit built out of a discarded coat and ping pong balls by Jim Henson, will soon be added to the collection. Very cool.

I really like this concept art for the Red Cars that will be added to California Adventure. Not sure how it will function as an actual transportation system, however. At Disneyland you can usually walk faster than the trolleys.

The Disney Parks Blog has an interview with the chef of the new restaurant coming to Mexico Pavilion. Definitely a notch up from the former food offered there.

Finally, here’s a video from CSPAN where Jack Blitch from Disney Imagineering, talks about the process of WDI, and some of its plans for the future. In the video we get a peak at 3-D models of “Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid” and the entire Beauty and the Beast section. Basically phase one of the expansion.