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Castle Star Nathan Fillion tests new Electric Vehicle

This combines two of my favorite things these days, Disney and Electric Cars. After his followers crashed the servers of electric car maker, Nathan Fillion star of ABC’s Castle, was able to get a ride in the new Pulse electric vehicle protoype.

Read more on the NY Times or search the twitter archives at to find the tweets and photos of the day.

Can someone tell me why we’re still driving gas vehicles around the Speedway?

3 thoughts on “Castle Star Nathan Fillion tests new Electric Vehicle”

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  2. Still driving gas vehicles because the electric engines Disney has looked at and uses in HK need to be charged about 3 or 4 laps a car taes around the course and there is no ready location to charge the vehicles currently in Tomorrowland without doing some major construction work that no one wants to pay for at this time.

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