The Morning Report – Tuesday Timewarp

I just finished watching Monday Night Football on ESPN and I had to wonder, what happens when the games are crap. This Forbes column answers that question.

The Disney Blog author Mark Storer has an article in the Ventura County Star about a back yard haunted mansion that draws inspiration from and pays tribute to Disney movies and imagineers. Congrats Mark.

Deadline Hollywood reports on the switch of Walt Disney Studios PR Flack back to his PR job with Disney Parks. Apparently, Hollywood wasn’t to his taste. Deadline also reports on which series ABC has decided to pick up or give full seasons too. No surprises there.

Do you like Pretzels? You can win a trip to Walt Disney World and enjoy a snack while watching Pop Warner football or cheerleader competition.

If you do win that trip, you might be subject the light radiation back scatter machines that TSA is using at airport security checkpoints. Here’s an open letter to Bob Iger from a concerned parent who wonders how he can travel to Disney without subjecting his kids to what he sees as naked pictures of their bodies or an intrusive pat-down of their private body parts. I know that the Walt Disney Company is aware of this issue and is working on improving the traveling experience for tourists to the US. But I’m afraid that even if Walt Disney were to be unfrozen tomorrow, even he couldn’t stop the TSA from enforcing their particular version of power-play security theater.

Finally, this is the 6,000th post on The Disney Blog. It’s been a wild journey since June 2004 with an average of 3.14 posts a day. A huge thank you to everyone who reads, all the guest authors throughout the years, Doobie and Rebekah for inspiration to get going, and my wife for helping me keep my sanity during the rough times. Here’s to the next 6,000!

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