Workers sue ESPNZone for illegal termination

It was just about two years ago that a rumor spread that Disney would build an ESPN Zone at Orlando’s Downtown Disney to match the one in Anaheim. My, how things have changed. All ESPN Zone locations have since closed except for Anaheim and Los Angeles, and it’s still unclear why. Now, some employees are suing to get pay they say is owed them when their location was closed with little or no warning.

Many of the closed ESPNZone locations were said to be quite popular, including the Baltimore location that’s involved in the suit. The New York-New York Casino location has already been leased to a new sports bar and grill, so at least somebody thinks the location works.

5 thoughts on “Workers sue ESPNZone for illegal termination”

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  2. The Article says that they think they should have been given 60 days notice. I am pretty sure that the law only requires a 14 day notice.

  3. AFAIK, all disney said was “economic reasons”

    I’m not too sure. I live in SoCal and the zone at Downtown Disney is fairly busy due to location. Ditto to the one at LA Live (Entertainment complex near staples center)

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