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Saturday is Daddy’s Day – New Roundup

One of my favorite lines from “One Man’s Dream” was when Walt says that Saturday is “Daddy’s Day.” Time for him to get out with his two daughters and enjoy some quality time. I try and follow that model as much as possible. Hence, the lack of posts until tonight. But I do have a great bunch of stories I want to share with you:

  • Rebekah at reports on a presentation from Disney World’s regarding their accessibility program. They definitely deserve some kudos here.
  • Shelley brings us a quick photo construction update from the Magic Kingdom reveals details of the Haunted Mansion queue changes and new Fantasyland. Plus walls, lots of walls.
  • WMFE has a great series on how the I-4 freeway impacted the development of Central Florida. It includes the negative impact on Cypress Gardens and the positive impact on Orlando’s attractions.
  • Scroll down a little bit and check out the photos of a new Wall-E and Eve statue added to Discoveryland at Paris Disneyland. Um, this needs to be in Orlando, ASAP!
  • Knott’s Berry Farm roller coaster The Pony Express had a accident that resulted in 10 minor injuries for its passengers. The ride remains closed for inspection.
  • I like these Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes. Too bad I don’t live near Newark Delaware.

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