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Killer Whale Born at SeaWorld Orlando

Update: Added a photo and some comments from the SeaWorld Inside Conservation blog.

The SeaWorld Orlando family got some welcome good news tonight as a healthy newborn Killer Whale was birthed by Katina. Katina is a 34 year old great-grandmother who has 7 offspring. Both baby and mom are reported as doing okay and park staff are watching to make sure everything continues going well.

“It’s a terrific day for all of us at SeaWorld,” said Kelly Flaherty-Clark, curator of animal training.  “Katina is an experienced mom and she appears to be bonding quickly with her baby.”

“Killer whales are pregnant for 17 months, so to say we’ve been waiting a long time for today is an understatement.  We’re thrilled that mom and baby seem to be doing so well. To be there when that little baby took its first breath is something we’ll all remember forever.”

This is good news after a week where a guest died at Aquatica and a killer whale died at SeaWorld Orlando. The baby’s sex is not yet known.

More at the Orlando Sentinel.

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