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Child clocked by Disney Dancer in Parade, Gets Black Eye

One of my favorite entertainment elements at the Magic Kingdom is the “Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it Street Party.” The key word in that title is ‘street’ as unique to any parade, guests are invited into the street to dance with Disney characters and… Read More »Child clocked by Disney Dancer in Parade, Gets Black Eye

Parking Lot Security & Safety Troubles at Walt Disney World

No cameras in this parking lot

The first and last moment of many a guest’s day at the vacation kingdom is an encounter with a huge asphalt parking lot. There, they are parked like sheet metal sardines, seemingly always at the farthest point possible from the tram. At the end of the night, there is the long (and sometimes windy, wet, and/or cold) tram ride back to the car, which hopefully is where they remember it being and not in some other whimsically named section.

So imagine the anguish of a family who returns to their vehicle after a long day of Disney fun only to find someone has stolen pretty much everything from your car. It happens all the time including this story on WESH. Later when security & police arrive, the family learns that this is a regular problem at Walt Disney World with thieves driving the parking lots with special devices that attempt to unlock car doors remotely.

The nature of a family vacation makes these parking lots a target rich environment for thieves. Many a family checks out of their hotel on the last day, but still spends time in the parks before heading back home. For most families there is little choice but to leave your luggage in your car during this process.
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Disney Memes

Every year or so an anonymous cast member takes it upon themselves to share the funny, frustrating, and otherwise random bizarre moments that contribute to their experience while working for the Mouse. These instances, when viewed separate from the whole of the regular cast member… Read More »Disney Memes

Disneyland’s Napa Rose Sommelier Talks Wine

Disney takes its wines seriously. There are over 500 trained sommeliers at Disney’s parks, resorts, and cruise ships. With a significant number of Master Sommeliers leading the cast. In this month’s “Every Role a Starring Role” video they’re highlighting the role of the Disneyland Resort… Read More »Disneyland’s Napa Rose Sommelier Talks Wine

Will Mickey and Minnie Photo-Op say ‘No’ to Late Guests?

As you may have heard Mickey and Minnie are moving to a new meet and greet location in Town Square at the recently renamed, but not yet open, Town Square Theater. We posted recently about how this will be the first character meet and greet to feature a Fastpass option. There is still quite a bit of construction going on around the area, but rumors of exactly how the Fastpass system will work are beginning to circulate.

A big rumor and some thoughts below the jump:

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A report from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

WDW is trying out the new tram doors that have been at Disneyland for about a year. There is one of Disney’s Florida theme parks I’ve been neglecting. I haven’t been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom since April. Turns out DAK was much as I left… Read More »A report from Disney’s Animal Kingdom