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Previewing what’s next for Disney Infinity

In case you thought Disney Infinity was beginning to slow down, they released the first of a new video series called Disney Infinity Next which will introduce fans to what is coming soon for the game. This first installment was mostly about the new Marvel… Read More »Previewing what’s next for Disney Infinity

Disney Interactive introduces TRON RUN/r

Coming soon to the Playstation, Xbox and Steam platforms is a new game set in the world of Disney’s TRON. The TRON RUN/r game will take you on a lightning fast, action based adventure through the computer world of TRON. Blaze through dynamic circuits, face… Read More »Disney Interactive introduces TRON RUN/r

Disney Infinity character figures – see how they are made

Disney Interactive’s popular video game “Disney Infinity” features distinct game play and environments that change based on figures of the characters the player chooses to be when in the game. Those figures are purchased in play sets of unique characters that represent stories from Disney,… Read More »Disney Infinity character figures – see how they are made

The Honeas and Star Wars at Hour of Code

Disney and Awaken the Force with an Hour of Code

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You may have noticed the national shift toward STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and STEAM (STEM with a twist of art) curriculum in your local schools and clubs, and that’s a good thing. After all, the children are the future, and the better their… Read More »Disney and Awaken the Force with an Hour of Code

Disney Emoji Video: Frozen Fever

There’s an entire new visual language growing out of social media – emoji. The emoji lets the user tell visual stories in new ways. Of course, Disney is all over its story-telling potential with a new app and videos to show off new Disney emoji.… Read More »Disney Emoji Video: Frozen Fever

DisneyLife Launches in the UK

Last month, the Walt Disney Company unveiled plans to offer customers a unique subscription service that would be called DisneyLife. Disney has delivered on that promise by launching the service this week in the United Kingdom. DisneyLife is Disney’s new streaming subscription service that gives… Read More »DisneyLife Launches in the UK

Disney Infinity 3.0 now on Apple TV

The latest version of Disney’s toys-to-life game, Disney Infinity 3.0, is now available on Apple TV. The full version of Disney Infinity 3.0 was previously only available on dedicated gaming consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and the Wii U. With the launch of the new… Read More »Disney Infinity 3.0 now on Apple TV