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Dancing With The Stars – Week 4 Results Show

Hi there everyone and welcome to this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show blog.

It’s Rob again, and I am fired up to write this. I have my laptop, my Dr. Pepper, and my bowl of spaghetti (Yep, in my house we eat bowls of spaghetti)!

We had great fun watching the Stars dancing to the movies Monday night. Now Dancing Nation has had its chance to vote and send someone off the dance floor forever!

In our first elimination group we had Rob, J.R. and Ricki (who Monday night scored the first 10 of this season and was on top of Monday’s leader board with an overall score of 29).

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Dancing with the Stars Week 4: Dancing to the Movies!

Hi there everyone and welcome to this week’s Dancing with the Stars blog. I guess my writing from my first blog was adequate enough, I was asked to write another one!

This week’s theme: Dancing to the Movies!

Everyone in Dancing Nation is still reeling from last week’s decision that sent Kristin Cavallari home early from the dance floor (despite having the judges give her a collective score of 24).

In her interview this week, Chynna Phillips admitted “it was such a shock” that Kristin went home last week. Chynna was stressed out this week and knew she needed to step it up. Dance partner Tony said Chynna really needs to listen to him for them to do well.

Chynna and Tony danced the Tango to the theme from Mission Impossible with Tony dropping from the ceiling aka Tom Cruise at the beginning of the song. But unfortunately their mission of successful dancing turned impossible when Chynna got lost on some steps early. And all the judges noticed it!

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Dancing With The Stars – Week 2 Elimination

Editor: welcome back Rob Shahan with his recap of the Elimination Round. WARNING SPOILERS: Hi there everyone and welcome to this week’s Dancing with the Stars Elimination Recap! Dancing Nation has spoken and this week Elisabetta Canalis was kicked off the dance floor! Elisabetta finished… Read More »Dancing With The Stars – Week 2 Elimination

Dancing With The Stars: Week 2 Performances

Editor: please welcome Rob Shahan who will form the other half of our Dancing With the Stars recap duo.

Hi there everyone and thanks for dropping by this week’s Dancing with the Stars Blog! This week’s episode was entertaining and upbeat as each dancer had their choice of jammin’ to either the Jive or the Quickstep.

First off though, a little background on yours truly.  I am a huge TV fan but am lacking in the dance knowledge department.  Sure, I can groove on the dance floor (after some liquid courage) but I will leave the dance technique judging to the experts.  I will bring a light hearted and fun perspective to the blog as well as my witty humor.

Hope Solo (no relation to Han) and her dance partner Maks Chmerkovskiy were up first. Earlier this year she wowed a worldwide audience as her USA Women’s Soccer Team finished second to Japan in the World Cup and now she is trying to kick (pun intended) that athletic prowess over to the dance floor. Dressed in a soccer jersey (including high-heel  Converses – is Converse the official athletic footwear of DWTS?) and dancing the Jive, she gave us a sexy shimmy at the beginning of the dance and had fun throughout. The judges said she lost some of her kicks and flicks (note to self, I need to look up the definition of “flick”), she could use a little more rehearsal and relax a little more.  No one on the show is more athletic than Hope (and she cleans up very, very well).  The judges moved their critical opinion to the scoreboard and gave her an overall score of 19.  p.s. Judge Bruno later said flicks come from the knee – I am learning!

Kristin Cavallari and I have a history.  Earlier this year I sent her and her then-finance Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler a wedding gift. Sure it was the least expensive item on their registry but I thought a thank you note from them would be a unique memento to have in my sports room.  They received the gift and were kind enough to send me a thank you card!

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DWTS Elimination: Goodbye Ron Artest…Um, I Mean Metta World Peace

Ed: Please welcome back Sarah J Carter with the second half of our DWTS recap. The season’s first elimination from “Dancing With the Stars” was announced in last night’s results show. The hour began with the professionals performing a fabulous dance number choreographed by professional… Read More »DWTS Elimination: Goodbye Ron Artest…Um, I Mean Metta World Peace

Dancing with the Stars: Blast from the Past

This week, our stars were asked to choose songs that had a special meaning to them, and tell a story through their dances. It promised to be an emotional night, and our stars really delivered – delivered the tears, that is.

Good heavens, why is the DWTS Troupe here? I thought they were kept in a storage closet backstage and only allowed out on Tuesday nights. Go away, filler people!

Wendy and Tony
Dance: Foxtrot
Verdict: Wendy’s story was about how she got started in the radio biz. In other words, it’s about how wonderful and persevering and strong she is. Which – okaaay, but this foxtrot was a total mess. Up-tempo song, slow dancing, awkward groping – even Wendy looked like she was about to yawn.
Carrie Ann: “This week, we took a step backwards and I’m not sure why.” – 5
Len: “It was a struggle. It’s a dance more suited to the radio.” – 5
Bruno: “There were times it looked like you put down roots.” -5

Chelsea and Mark
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: Chelsea’s song was actually written for her, about her, so it doesn’t get much more personal than that. And WOW – she really turned it out tonight. This was a fun, flirtatious, judges-appropriate routine that proved to everyone that Chelsea’s going to be sticking around for a long time.
Carrie Ann: “You look like a little baby Julianne [Hough].” – 7
Len: “That’s your best dance – well done.” – 8
Bruno: “Tasty! Tasty, Chelsea! And a great cha cha.” – 8

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