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Dancing with the Stars Week 4: Dancing to the Movies!

Hi there everyone and welcome to this week’s Dancing with the Stars blog. I guess my writing from my first blog was adequate enough, I was asked to write another one!

This week’s theme: Dancing to the Movies!

Everyone in Dancing Nation is still reeling from last week’s decision that sent Kristin Cavallari home early from the dance floor (despite having the judges give her a collective score of 24).

In her interview this week, Chynna Phillips admitted “it was such a shock” that Kristin went home last week. Chynna was stressed out this week and knew she needed to step it up. Dance partner Tony said Chynna really needs to listen to him for them to do well.

Chynna and Tony danced the Tango to the theme from Mission Impossible with Tony dropping from the ceiling aka Tom Cruise at the beginning of the song. But unfortunately their mission of successful dancing turned impossible when Chynna got lost on some steps early. And all the judges noticed it!

Judge Len said it’s a challenge for the professionals because they have to maintain the character of the dance but still show us a little of the flavor of the film. Len added “It all went up the Swanee River, you (Chynna) lost it, it went wrong, you didn’t know where you were, you panicked and I know it’s bitterly disappointing for you…unfortunately, there was a lot of mistakes”.

Judge Bruno said it was “Slash and burn hot” but Chynna lost her place and once she lost it she couldn’t catch up. The little bit she did (do well) was “breath taking and beautiful” and he hopes she gets to come back.

Judge Carrie Ann said what she appreciates mostly is that Chynna lost her place but did not lose her composure. Carrie Ann reminded her it’s not a serious competition; it’s a ball-room dance competition. It’s supposed to be fun. Host Tom Bergeron tried to break some of Chynna’s tension by adding “Have you seen the trophy?” lol. Carrie Ann mentioned what Chynna did do (properly) she did exquisitely. Judge’s overall score: 21.

David Arquette said he has dyslexia (not sure if he was being serious) and left, right, left, right scrambles his brain and once he looks down, all his form “goes to hell”.

Dancing partner Kym told David during rehearsals that he’s a movie star, David (and probably most of America) may have seemed shocked by that pronouncement and that he should do well in character.

David and Kym danced the Paso Doble to the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme with the “movie star” in the Indiana Jones role. David swung onto the stage via rope and landed without falling on his face (which is much better than I could have ever done). He grabbed his whip and the dance was on! David wore a sleeveless shirt that I’ve never seen on Indiana Jones, I don’t Indy has as many tats as David does either, lol!

Just like the Indiana Jones’ movies, their dance was action packed! David seemed more comfortable this week than ever before. Maybe because he could lose himself in the Indiana Jones’ role and not have to worry about dance steps, instead he could just be concerned about being Indy.

Judge Bruno loved the way David cracked his whip and was ready to take everyone into a wild ride (and mentioned Carrie Ann looked like she was ready to join him!) Bruno recommended David watch his turns because sometimes David is unsteady.

Judge Carrie Ann said “David saves the day!” She wonders what happened because suddenly this week there’s an incredible amount of bravado in his dancing and she loved every minute of it.

Judge Len liked the entry and his attitude but for him “it was all Temple and Doom”. There was no shaping from the body and stomping feet. Bruno defended David saying “He (David) was being butch and strong!” Len never saw David’s “tight buttocks”, Bruno asked David to turn around and show him, great fun! Host Tom said Len was just upset because “Indiana Jones was cooler than James Bond”, lol, ain’t that the truth!

Overall judges score: 23.

Carson Kressley and Anna danced a Viennese Waltz to a song from Pirates of the Caribbean. Carson was scared that pirates had to be butch and masculine but realized “pirates are guys running around in tight pants with open shirts looking for jewelry, umm I think I can handle that” LOL!!!

Carson seemed to really enjoy his pirate character and he brought out that enthusiasm to the dance floor. Standing ovation by everyone in the audience including Kris Jenner (Is there a show that doesn’t have a Kardashian on it? They really need their own cable channel!) Carson and Anna did a great job not stepping or tripping on a sword on the floor they intentionally dropped as part of the routine. I would have slipped on it and probably split my pants!

Judge Carrie Ann said it was Carson’s “most butch performance”. She said she is addicted to Carson’s performances, can’t wait to see him dance and she knows she’s going to have a good time. But then his technical side is lacking (that’s the best way I can describe her reaction, she used some sound effects on us, like a car crashing sound effect).

Judge Len said it was ”like child birth, terrible while it’s happening but a joy when it’s over!” There was no finesse, no quality of movement, no technique but (then Carson revealed a tattoo under his shirt with the word Len tattooed through a heart, awww, how sweet!). Just a reminder kids: Never get someone’s name tattooed on you, they might not remain in your life but ink is forever! Len finished by saying Carson’s dance was great fun and if he were at home, he’d be voting for Carson. Awww!

Judge Bruno said he wants to pitch a new movie: “Pirates of the Caribbean, Revenge of the Gay Blade!” Bruno said they lost steps a few times (because the sword on the floor was in their way) but no one cares because it was fun.

Overall judges score: 20. Happy birthday shout out to Carson’s niece Morgan!

Nancy Grace’s dance partner Tristan dropped by Nancy’s live TV show this week and told her all the attitude and presence that Nancy has on her show needs to be on the dance floor. Nancy said she never thought anything she learned in law school or court would help her in a dance however all the aggression, the do or die, the life or death may help her in the dance.

Nancy and Tristan danced a Paso Doble to the Flash Gordon theme and it was the first dance of the night without props or gimmicks.

Judge Len said the dancing was competent but he can’t get excited because it’s not exciting. There was no real performance, it lacked expression and it was okay and he couldn’t get excited about it.

Judge Bruno said Nancy has to become a ball breaker out there and not to hide behind anything and told her to go for it.

Judge Carrie Ann said they need to give Nancy some credit, she’s doing a great job, and she’s one of their oldest contestants (another note kids: never ask a woman how old she is and if she asks how she looks, lie if you have to). Carrie Ann said Nancy does need to connect to the audience better; it will take her up to the next level.

Overall judges score: 21.

Hope Solo told us her and her dance partner Maks are like two fireballs and they butt heads a lot in rehearsals. Hope said she likes to think each detail through while Maks wants to move on. Hope said she’s putting her faith and trust in Maks because he’s the pro and as hard as they can be on each other, they are friends in the end. They certainly had the right song then, dancing a foxtrot to Toy Story’s “You’ve got a friend in me” (With Hope as cowgirl Jessie and Maks as Sheriff Woody).

They gave us a very sweet and simple performance. Hope really seemed to enjoy the dance and it looked like both her and Maks had fun. Judge Bruno said their dance was lovely and he loved it.

Judge Carrie Ann said it made her smile the whole way through (I’ll admit I was smiling too, I just LOVE the Toy Story franchise!!!). Carrie Ann said the show is about beating the judges’ expectations and Hope’s dance was exactly that. She said it was refreshing to see Hope out there having fun and complimented them with a “well done”.

Judge Len was definitely Stinky Pete with his review! He said he gets frustrated because he thinks Hope could go all the way. He added Maks is a great dancer, Hope is a great soccer player, and the way you get to that is commitment and hard work. The more Hope polishes in the rehearsal room, the more she’ll shine on the dance floor (great metaphor!) and Len doesn’t think Hope’s doing that.

The producers had to beep Len out tonight as he told Maks he didn’t want any more cursing at her and they need to work better together as a team. I personally would not want to !#@$% off Stinky Len that’s for sure!

Overall judges score: 24 (highest of the night so far).

Rob Kardashian danced the Superman theme and said the song selection was perfect for him. He said Clark Kent is shy and nerdy while he is shy and uncomfortable. Rob said he has to transform himself into this strong, masculine guy and admitted it’s difficult. Rob said he is taking the dance competition seriously and he doesn’t want people just to think of him as a “loser brother that doesn’t have a job” but he wants to be in the competition, he wants to be a dancer.

But unfortunately for Rob, he danced through the Paso Doble it as if he was half asleep (sort of like his image on Keeping up with the Kardashians).

The Paso Doble is a dance where the man has to be assertive and demonstrative (thank you Google search for the info) and Rob wasn’t that tonight.

Judge Carrie Ann liked the way Rob moved, said it was just like a man should be in the ball room and today he took it up a notch.

Judge Len said he didn’t mind it but can’t go into raptures about it like Carrie Ann, it’s a living dance, and he walked around like he was a waiter giving out Hors d’oeuvres. But having said that, Len said he liked the dance.

Judge Bruno said he has the ability and he moves well, he needs to believe in himself and be more assertive.

Self-esteem issues continue to plague Rob as in the interview with Brooke Burke he mentioned he wasn’t a good dancer while Brooke and Rob’s dance partner Cheryl tried to say otherwise. I have to go with Rob on this one.

Overall judges score: 24 (tied for 1st place so far).

For the past 2 weeks, Ricki Lake and partner Derek finished first in overall judges scoring, this week during rehearsals, she wanted to quit. Ricki and Derek danced a tango to the theme from Psycho and Ricki said the dance is very confusing to her and she’s not getting it. She totally wants to quit but said she’s not a quitter.

Well guess what? This week (like past weeks) Ricki got the dance! Even Judge Carrie Ann was impressed as you could read her lips uttering a simple “wow!”

Judge Len said Ricki is like the US Mail, she “always delivers” (quick sidebar here: Why does the US Postal Service offer insurance when mailing your letters and packages? Uh, isn’t that your job, to get my packages and mail there without getting them lost or damaged? If you would do your job right US Postal Service, I wouldn’t need insurance!) Len added: “top of the leader board? I think so”.

Judge Bruno said it was a blockbuster performance worthy of three sequels and they were masters of the tango tonight.

Judge Carrie Ann was eloquent and concise in her opinion: “Brilliant in the Ball Room”.

Overall judges score: 29 out of 30 including the very first 10’s of the season!

For the past 2 weeks, Chaz Bono and partner Lacey finished dead last in judges voting. This week Chaz danced to the theme from Rocky, which suits him well since he is a big underdog in the competition.

Lacey told us Chaz’ big weaknesses are his knees, his ankles and his endurance so she called in Fitness Guru Richard Simmons to put Chaz through the paces.

Mother Cher came out to witness first hand Chaz dance the Paso Doble to Gonna Fly Now (I am sooo ready to run around the neighborhood after hearing that great song!).

Judge Bruno said Chaz, in the true spirit of Rocky keeps coming back; he keeps fighting and keeps getting stronger.

Judge Carrie Ann had to wipe back the tears, saying she roots for Chaz. He has “true courage” and the way he gets out there makes her think: “Go, go!” She said Chaz has magic, it was a great night and great his mom came out to see him.

Judge Len said just like Rocky he’s getting better. Len said it wasn’t a knockout performance (pun of the night) but it was Chaz’ best dance to date.

I was impressed to see Chaz climb the stairs with his bum knees and ankles. He is definitely giving his all.

Judges overall score: 21 (his highest score in the competition thus far).

Last on the dancing agenda was J.R. Martinez and partner Karina. Last week there wasn’t a dry eye in the ball room (or in my house) as his inspirational dance moved America.

Karina brought in a male dancer to show J.R. “what a real foxtrot looks like”. I am really surprised this isn’t done more often. When my mom taught me how to two-step, she taught me as the female dancer, lol (my dad later showed me how the man is supposed to move).

This week J.R. is Inspector Clouseau is fox-trotting to the theme from The Pink Panther movie (that reminds me, I need to buy heating insulation before winter starts).

It looks having an extra instructor showing the male dancing part really paid off for J.R. He was smooth and elegant and appeared nimble with his steps. And he really rocked the pink tuxedo too!

Judge Carrie Ann thought the performance was just okay. It seemed a little flat to her and thought he could have danced just find without acting humorous during it.

Judge Len was impressed though, saying J.R. was the “best male dancer of the night”. I know it’s a compliment but consider the other males are David, Chaz, Rob and Carson were the other male competitors’ tonight. “Great technique with just enough humor” Len added.

Judge Bruno said J.R. is a dancer of great ability and versatility; he can do drama, comedy, Latin and ball room. “What more do you want, you’re great” Bruno said.

Overall judges score: 26.

Before we close, I must give great props to the DWTS Orchestra, they sounded incredible, they nailed every movie theme and had my house rockin’ for sure!

The show started with the DWTS dance troupe struttin’ their stuff to a movie themed melody including the theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Tune into Tuesday night as we find out who Dancing Nation determined is this week’s good, bad and ugly dancers.

Follow Rob Shahan as he does the two-step (courtesy of lessons from my Mom and Dad) on twitter @robshahan.

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