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Dancing With The Stars – Week 4 Results Show

Hi there everyone and welcome to this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show blog.

It’s Rob again, and I am fired up to write this. I have my laptop, my Dr. Pepper, and my bowl of spaghetti (Yep, in my house we eat bowls of spaghetti)!

We had great fun watching the Stars dancing to the movies Monday night. Now Dancing Nation has had its chance to vote and send someone off the dance floor forever!

In our first elimination group we had Rob, J.R. and Ricki (who Monday night scored the first 10 of this season and was on top of Monday’s leader board with an overall score of 29).

Ricki and J.R. were deemed safe while Rob was in jeopardy.

The second elimination group consisted of Chynna, Carson (who finished dead last on Monday’s leader board) and Chaz (I do hope Cher is back in the audience, it was great seeing her on TV about 27 times last night).

Chaz and Carson were deemed safe while Chynna was in jeopardy.

The final elimination group was David, Nancy and Hope. David and Hope were deemed safe while Nancy was in jeopardy.

That left us Rob, Chynna and Nancy as this week’s contestants in jeopardy. Nancy was deemed safe leaving Rob and Chynna to be eliminated.

Dancing Nation has spoken and Chynna Phillips was kicked off the dance floor forever. Chynna struggled mightily Monday night and was lost throughout her entire dance and now she goes home to husband Billy Baldwin and their beautiful kids. P.S. Billy Baldwin and I have a history. We have a mutual friend and we all had dinner one night in London together years ago. Billy is a great guy!

Musical guests Tuesday night included Raphael Saadiq, Susan Doyle (no one has a prettier singing voice than Susan), Blake Shelton singing from the new movie remake Footloose with Footloose star and former two-time DWTS winner Julianne Hough dancing away.

Question to Hollywood: Have you guys run out of original movie ideas? I can see Footloose on basic cable!

Next week should be another fun week on Dancing with the Stars, its 80’s music week. That was my generation; I might actually recognize the songs!

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