The Disney Store Reopens in Orlando

After a few months of refurbishment, the Florida Mall location of The Disney Store has reopened under the new interactive play themed model. It’s been open for a few weeks now, so we dropped by to see how things are going.

The new look of the store resembles the more modern lines shoppers are used to seeing in malls these days.

Inside there is a boy side…

and a girl side.

Sadly, not a lot of adult or home merchandise.

Although we did like the small Nightmare Before Christmas selection.

The best idea was the gazebo movie screen.

Unfortunately we can’t give this location a good review. Despite the fact that there wee only a handful of customers in the store during lunch hour, we weren’t approached once by a single cast member. Not even a friendly hello or welcome.

Other than the Ridemakerz cars, the selection of merchandise was the same sad mix as in the old store. We weren’t overly impressed with the design (which now looks like any other store in the mall, very little Disney in the design) and did not encounter much interactive magic at all. Nor did the store design encourage guests to travel into the back of the store to browse. Just a lot of plush to be had.

Trust me, it makes me sad to report this. I’m hoping the stores show some improvement. Judging by the size of the crowd, so do many others.

15 thoughts on “The Disney Store Reopens in Orlando”

  1. I agree with you! We have a “new” store here where I live and its the same, lackluster and absolutely no customer service. I’ve been in four or five times and never been greeted or approached by anyone. Nothing magical about it which is such a shame!

  2. I worked at The Disney Store in Canton, Ohio from ’91-’94 (it closed a few years ago). What an awesome experience and I met my wife while working there! Guest interaction and service were our first priority. Late in the ’90s the service didn’t seem as good, the cleanliness was gone and the product selection was poor. I’m glad to see the stores get a makeover, but if the service and product aren’t above average – the guests aren’t going to return.

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  4. You said, “the selection of merchandise was the same sad mix as in the old store”.

    I can’t agree with this more. This is the “DISNEY” Store, not a “DISNEY KIDS” store. While I know that shelf space is at a premium at a mall location and the majority of Disney products are aimed at a child market, there is a distinct lack of Adult-oriented merchandise (clothing or otherwise) beyond a single table hawking the same $12 tee-shirts that they’ve been carrying for years

    The old-school Disney Store from circa 1988-1998 tried to carry a mix of products that appealed to a wide range of Disney fan and audience. Today, it seems that the Consumer Products Group is continuing on their quest to alienate those consumers who are not interested at all in kid-oriented product. Disney seems to have forgotten that their parks and media properties are “Family” destinations and products, not aimed solely at children.

  5. I work down the hall from the Disney Store, and I am not fond of the new remodel either. You may not have noticed also because you stated there wasn’t a lot of people when you were in there but the two ways and displays make for a VERY crowded floor. Even when its not packed during the busy season, with a good flow of people it feels very cramped.

  6. This looks just like the “new” Disney Store in Dallas and in Times Square (the only two that I’ve visited). The Times Square store is not unique at all. You would think that Disney could outshine stores like American Eagle and other ones like that, but with the current design they’re putting in all the malls and Times Square…they’re not. The old 5th Avenue store in NYC was so awesome. It had an Art of Disney section and the store was super classy being on 5th and everything. Big people want to shop for Disney things too! Include us!

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  8. I was there a few weeks ago and wasn’t pleased either. I will say that two cast members did approach me, say hello, and ask if I needed help–I’ve never had any complaints with the people that work there. Unfortunately, you’re right about the merchandise selection. With the previous model, I always walked out of that store with two or three items. This time, however, there are hardly any “adult” items at all. Disney is supposed to be for everyone, but those in charge of the Disney Store seem to be only focusing on the children part of that. :(

  9. I think these new stores are TERRIBLE. I loved the original stores, they had so much nice merchandise, the larger stores carried the expensive watches and jewelry that you find at the World of Disney Stores in WDW and DL. Lots of adult clothing, I am wearing capris and a T – shirt I bought at an old TDS in the late 90s, even today they look great. I don’t understand why the Disney Store President and others don’t get it Adults LOVE Disney, too, We are the ones spending the money. The adults are the ones buying for the kids, and the little ones love the stores, but the stuff for adults is way too limited. Please, TDS, give me, a 58 year old woman who has no children or grandchildren to buy for more reasons to come into your store, As it is, I have to drive 35 miles to the closest store, and then I walk in look around and leave. I WANT to spend money there, but I guess TDS doesn’t want me to.

  10. I feel like Disney stores (outside of Disney property) are missing the adult market. I live in the Chicago area and the Disney stores that are in this area, look exactly like the store pictured above. When my wife and I shop at The World of Disney at The Disney Marketplace, we drop A LOT of money, mainly because that is one of the few stores with adult merch. I think if Disney opened a World of Disney type store outside of the property, say Chicago, New York, LA, Dallas, (put your major city here), they would see a ton of business and see the validity of having more adult merch at more locations.

  11. When I visited our new model store in Atlanta a few months ago, I was very disappointed in the lack of adult merch. I did come away with a few shirts that I wear to work, but I remembered so much from the Disney Store of my childhood. That being said, the inattentive staff doesn’t ring a bell here; from the minute we walked in the door, we were greeted by cast members asking if we needed help, were we looking for something in particular, had we seen this or that new product, had we seen Tinkerbell fly around the top of the store? In that respect, I was more than thrilled.

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  13. Unfortunately, looks way too targeted at young kids for me or my ilk.

    Either way, a wise man once said “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway”

  14. That looks exactly the same as the store that I visited on Tuesday here in Milton Keynes in the UK, the girl side, the boy side and even the gazebo with screen.

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