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Dancing with the Stars: Blast from the Past

This week, our stars were asked to choose songs that had a special meaning to them, and tell a story through their dances. It promised to be an emotional night, and our stars really delivered – delivered the tears, that is.

Good heavens, why is the DWTS Troupe here? I thought they were kept in a storage closet backstage and only allowed out on Tuesday nights. Go away, filler people!

Wendy and Tony
Dance: Foxtrot
Verdict: Wendy’s story was about how she got started in the radio biz. In other words, it’s about how wonderful and persevering and strong she is. Which – okaaay, but this foxtrot was a total mess. Up-tempo song, slow dancing, awkward groping – even Wendy looked like she was about to yawn.
Carrie Ann: “This week, we took a step backwards and I’m not sure why.” – 5
Len: “It was a struggle. It’s a dance more suited to the radio.” – 5
Bruno: “There were times it looked like you put down roots.” -5

Chelsea and Mark
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: Chelsea’s song was actually written for her, about her, so it doesn’t get much more personal than that. And WOW – she really turned it out tonight. This was a fun, flirtatious, judges-appropriate routine that proved to everyone that Chelsea’s going to be sticking around for a long time.
Carrie Ann: “You look like a little baby Julianne [Hough].” – 7
Len: “That’s your best dance – well done.” – 8
Bruno: “Tasty! Tasty, Chelsea! And a great cha cha.” – 8

Chris and Cheryl
Dance: Rumba
Verdict: Chris chose a Beatles song, dedicated to his mom, who was in a car accident and passed away in 2005. And because this routine was so deeply personal, we saw another side of Chris – raw, emotional, and the result was a really intimate rumba that hit all the right notes.
Carrie Ann: “That was a beautiful tribute to your mom.” – 7
Len: “The lines and poses that you did were excellent.” – 7
Bruno: “The rumba has to flow continuously, but overall I thought you did a great job.” – 7

Kendra and Louis
Dance: Quickstep
Verdict: Kendra’s story was about the beginning of her relationship with her husband and how his fans disapproved of their union. The dance began with Kendra standing solo in a cloud of fog – but the cloud was so thick we couldn’t see her! Apart from that, this was one of those dances that tried too hard to be sexy, and it all felt a little fake and awkward. Her technique is improving, but still … meh.
Carrie Ann: “That was hot, hot, hot.” – 8
Len: “You were a little unstable throughout the dance.” – 7
Bruno: “There is nothing wrong with a good stripper.” – 8

Romeo and Chelsie
Dance: Rumba
Verdict: Romeo’s dance is about his cousins dying in separate incidents. And like Chris, he delivered a powerful routine about love and loss. Romeo needed to be a little more fluid in his movements, but overall this was another solid performance for him.
Carrie Ann: “I asked you last week to refine some of your movements, and I saw that this week.” –  7
Len: “Last week was a huge step forward, and this week was a huge step back.” – 6
Bruno: “You really put your heart and soul into it, and it showed.” – 7

Hines and Kym
Dance: Samba
Verdict: Another mom dance! Hines dedicated this dance to his mom, who was a driving force in his life. Hines is well suited to the Latin dances, because he’s such a natural crowd-pleaser. This was a fun routine – not much emotional pop, but it should be enough to get him through to next week.
Carrie Ann: “Baby’s got bounce!” – 9
Len: “You mom is proud of you, Carrie Ann is proud of you, and I’m proud of you.” – 8
Bruno: “Happy hour!” – 8

Petra and Dmitry
Dance: Waltz
Verdict: No surprise here, Petra’s dance is about her experience surviving a tsunami. Because she’s so tall, her extensions are exceptionally lovely, and Dmitry choreographed a beautiful routine. This was a quiet waltz, but it had a lot of power.
Carrie Ann: “Your heart was all over the movement.” – 8
Len: “It had grace, it had elegance – this is my favorite season.”- 9
Bruno: “You danced like an angel. Your improvement is incredible.” – 8

Sugar Ray and Anna
Dance: Paso Doble
Verdict: Sugar Ray’s dance is about beating the odds and being an awesome champion. Complete with boxing announcer to introduce their routine. Not to sound like Len, but there was a lot of messing about in this dance. The energy, the passion, the fight that’s required for the paso … it just wasn’t there. Honestly, I don’t know what this dance was.
Carrie Ann: “I saw a lot of improvement.” – 7
Len: “You came out tonight stronger, and you fought back.” – 6
Bruno: “You still have to refine your lines.” – 7

Kirstie and Maks
Dance: Rumba
Verdict: Kirstie’s dance is about her mom dying (a theme tonight), and then subsequently getting cast in Star Trek II. And then … disaster. While executing an opening move, Maks lost his balance, and they both went tumbling to the floor. They untangled and stood up, but Maks was clearly injured. He paused, winced – for a second I thought they were going to stop the routine altogether, but they finished the dance. It’s pretty much impossible to recover from something like that, but they did a good job, considering the circumstances.
Carrie Ann: “Sometimes tragedy leads to amazingly beautiful moments.” – 7
Len: “You picked yourself up, and you came back stronger.” – 7
Bruno: “Once you got up, it was better than ever.” – 7

Ralph and Karina
Dance: Rumba
Verdict: Ralph’s song is the theme to The Outsiders, which was also his wedding song. And the dance is about how much he loves his wife (insert: awww).  Ralph hit some beautiful lines in this routine, although it was a little disjointed at times. But going over to see his wife at the end? Adorable.
Carrie Ann: “It was very sweet.” – 7
Len: “It was crisp and clear, but it needed a touch of refinement.” – 7
Bruno: “It’s like Karina was too hot to touch, you don’t how to handle her.” – 7

So – who’s headed home? If I was Wendy, I’d start packing my bags. What do you think?

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