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Mickey’s new Magic Kingdom Digs, plus more (part one)

Had a few hours at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and found quite a bit of change. So much, in fact, that I can’t fit it into one post.

First, they’ve finished the sign over the bridge to Adventureland. Looks really good.

Sadly, the same can’t be said about the camouflage being built to cover the projectors for the nightly castle show. Um, didn’t the designers notice that they’re putting old-west architecture on top of Victorian? Don’t even get me started about how it screws up forced perspective. Didn’t someone realize that giant projectors on top of the main street buildings would be visible from the hub and surrounding areas and plan for that ahead of time?

Construction on the foundation and walls for the new dual-ring Dumbo attraction is already underway. This looks to be the exterior wall of the ‘tent’ that will house the interactive game queue.

Fastpass has indeed come to the new Mickey and Minnie meet and greet (and the temporary Princess greeting room too). You’ll find it over by the hat shop where the smoking area used to be. The smoking area has now moved over to the HC ramp for the Main Street Train Station.

Stroller parking is on the complete other side of the Main Street theater near the wheelchair ramp. This area used to be garden and was recently upgraded. But I think they did a good job with it anyway.

I think they really did a decent job with the decor for the theater ‘lobby’ and the queue area. This sign is nice.

Unfortunately the queue area is soulless and reminds me very much of a queue for a Las Vegas buffet.

That turned out to be a minor quibble for those waiting to see the main cheese and his sweetheart. The whole day the wait for Mickey and Minnie was never more than 15 minutes. The Princesses never passed 30 minutes. No idea if this is a permanent change, or just an adjustment period while crowds realize that Toontown is closed and the theater’s the trap to find the mouse.

More details in and around Mickey’s theater, plus some insights into Princess behavior tomorrow.