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DWTS Elimination: Goodbye Ron Artest…Um, I Mean Metta World Peace

Ed: Please welcome back Sarah J Carter with the second half of our DWTS recap.

The season’s first elimination from “Dancing With the Stars” was announced in last night’s results show. The hour began with the professionals performing a fabulous dance number choreographed by professional Lacey Schwimmer (Chaz Bono’s partner). Other highlights included Tony and Kym dancing to the crooning of Harry Connick, Jr., and our introduction to the young, flashy, and sexy DWTS Season 13 Troupe.

The shock of the night was that Elisabetta and Val escaped jeopardy. Val was incredulous. Considering the pair’s low scores and Elisabetta’s lack of a large fan base in this country, I was too. Could it have been a sympathy vote for joining George Clooney’s list of ex-girlfriends? Perhaps. But the more likely scenario is that female viewers wanted to see more of the younger Chmerkovskiy. Well played, ladies, well played.

The pinnacle of the evening was LMFAO performing Party Rock Anthem while the professionals and troupe took to the ballroom floor. It made me want to get up and dance…well, I *may* have been bed dancing. Judges Bruno and Carrie Ann really did get up and dance. On. The. Table. It was so wild, that by the end, of the song, Bruno was partially shirtless! Good times, you guys.

The three couples that were in jeopardy by the end of the night were Ron/Metta (I’m not even touching the name change issue) and Peta, Rob and Cheryl, and Nancy and Tristan. Given their low scores, this wasn’t surprising. Tom revealed that the couple with the lowest combined judges’ scores and audience votes was Metta and Peta. I guess this result wasn’t shocking, but the fun-to-watch couple seemed to have potential. I was looking forward to watching the bad boy take on some more dances. At least I still have Chaz (whom everyone seems to love), J.R. (what an incredible sense of humor), and the Chmerkovskiy brothers to watch.

Next Monday we’ll see the remaining celebrities tackle the Jive or the Quickstep. I’ll tune in to see if Carson makes any inroads on his “relationship” with Maks. Don’t forget your sparkly eyeshadow!

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  8. For somebody who’s so concerned with his image (changing your name to Metta World Peace? give me a break!), this is a real humbling slap in the face.
    Love it!

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