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Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray

Disney’s Diamond Collection continues to grow with the addition of Walt Disney’s Bambi. Like its predecessors in the collection, Bambi is being sold in a combo pack that includes the film on both Blu-ray Disc (BD) and DVD. I’m going to have to stop writing… Read More »Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray

Why The Disney Stores are so Important

The Atlantic magazine has a very interesting article on how Apple stores are really an entertainment destination, much like Disney’s theme parks. As part of the story they include a chart that shows 74.5 million visitors to Apple stores compared to Disneyland and Disney World… Read More »Why The Disney Stores are so Important

Disneyland iPhone App makes your trip easier via Community

A new Disneyland iPhone App for sale on iTunes makes your trip easier through cooperation. The “Got PlanS Disneyland Park Planner” by HyTech Professionals (ie, not Disney) includes the usual trip planning mobile application components: a park map, dining suggestions, attractions, etc. But Got PlanS… Read More »Disneyland iPhone App makes your trip easier via Community

Bolt! New Clip Released

Over at’s trailer site Disney Animation has released a new clip from the movie. This follows Penny and Bolt through an exciting chase scene from what appears to be the television series. I really like the effects work and seeing this in 3D is… Read More »Bolt! New Clip Released