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Modern Family Producer Admits iPad Episode Went Too Far

Just when everyone thought the Sit-Com was dead it has been re-incarnated in the form of the mock documentary. ABC’s entry into that genre is “Modern Family” and it’s in serious consideration to win a number of Emmy’s this year. There is, perhaps, just one thing that stands in its way… the iPad Episode.

Many perceived the episode, which centered around a character going totally over the top regarding his possession of an Apple iPad, as one big paid shill for Apple, whose founder Steve Jobs also sits on Disney’s board of directors.

Turns out ABC wasn’t paid a thing for the plug. But the public perception is what matters and now the show’s producer admits they may have gone too far.

(Via the LA Times)

3 thoughts on “Modern Family Producer Admits iPad Episode Went Too Far”

  1. The show’s producer need not worry. The comedy was shear genius and resonated with me and my family. That’s part of the appeal of this Modern Family.

  2. I’m watching that episode right now and it’s really good. They have to keep up to date if the show is going to feel like a slice of life. It’s more about finding a story in which Clare gets in trouble with Phil for once.

  3. No apologizing for content that is as good as we see every week on Modern Family. LOVE the show and can’t wait for new episodes in the Fall!

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