Main Street Electrical Parade – Video from Cast Member Preview

While the Main Street Electrical Parade officially returns to the Magic Kingdom as part of Summer Nightastic! tomorrow, there is a preview tonight. The new fireworks show will also preview tonight. Whether you like MSEP depends if tonight will feel like greeting an old friend or the return of an old buddy you hoped you’d never see again.

The parade is scheduled to run from June 6 to Aug. 14. If you can’t make down right away, here’s a video from Thursday night’s Cast Member Preview. You can hear the new music and see some of the LED lights they added that links the whole procession together.

6 thoughts on “Main Street Electrical Parade – Video from Cast Member Preview”

  1. Always glad to see them using Baroque Hoedown, even if this version’s a bit on the cheesy side. I like the They Might Be Giants version though.

    I wish I could make it down there to see it.

  2. Andy from the U.K

    Great to watch this clip wish there was more and wish i could be there so see it live

  3. Reminds me of my childhood, loved the music and the floats. Only wish I could see it in person!! Thanks for the clip!!

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