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Federal Board enters Disneyland Hotel Strike Equation

We first reported on the labor strife between UNITE here and the Disneyland Resort back in February 2008, since then there have been cast members arrested while dressed like Mickey Mouse, picketing, fasting, and more. But the one thing there hasn’t been is a meeting of the minds between Disney and the union workers.

Now the National Labor Relations Board is intervening to look at what it claims could be unfair practices by Disneyland. This increased workload, that the union claims has led to injuries, is one of the complaints Unite Here has against the resort.

This whole issue started when Disney was looking at an unknown economy at the end of 2007. It was tightening it’s financial purse with new contracts with all of its unions, contracts that placed more of the financial burden for health care on cast members. Unite Here felt that their union members have different circumstances and that it was worth it to fight for a better contract. Which is still where we stand today. Now that the economy is on the path to recovery maybe there will be some progress.

1 thought on “Federal Board enters Disneyland Hotel Strike Equation”

  1. Unfortunately for Disneyland california is about two-three years behind the rest of the country on recovery, due to tax increases mostly. Really all workers have made compromises with their employers, pay cuts, health care, etc.

    Honestly, the unions all need to realize this and start compromising (government & Disney unions are the worst offenders right now).

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