Mickey Mouse Candied Apples – Yum

Haven’t seen these delicious looking candied apples before, but here they are in the candy store at the Magic Kingdom. The Mickey Mouse ears and shorts are great, but I think you get a little extra with the candy bow on the Minnie Mouse version. I have to say that Disney’s food service team has definitely been picking it up a notch recently. What will they think of next?

8 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Candied Apples – Yum”

  1. I LOVE these! Did you see any other variations? EG–top hats (Mad Hatter), or crown (princesses) etc. Do you know what they used for the ears? I would like to replicate…for a Disney party I am planning.

  2. The Disney Parks Blog did a nice little video about these a couple of weeks go (right after I took a bunch of pics to highlight them on the DFB, dangnabbit! Guess that post will have to wait for a while.) ;-)

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