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WALL-E and Apple: Product Placement or Product Inspiration?

The buzz coming into WALL-E was that the films designers were inspired by Apple’s product design in their creation of the EVE robot. Pixar went as far as inviting Apple designer Jonathan Ive to consult with Pixar artists. Today’s story in AdAge suggests Pixar went even farther and intentionally placed some of Apple’s products in the movie as well as other subtler placement.

Apple products only physically appear in “Wall-E” a few times — an iPod that re-projects a favorite movie, the sound of the Mac startup tone signaling that Wall-E, the titular robotic romantic lead, has fully recharged via solar panels, and one-button mice scurrying around a garbage dump. However, there is a less obvious, but still noticeable Apple influence that runs throughout the film.

Could this be the future of film and television where brands are so integrated into the final product that you just feel its influences throughout? What do you think? Does the influence of Apple design and products throughout the film make you want to run out and buy an iPod or Mac?

5 thoughts on “WALL-E and Apple: Product Placement or Product Inspiration?”

  1. This honestly was the only thing that bothered me about WALL-E. I found it distracting and quite out of place. I could just be on the fringe though. Personally I can hardly stand watching most TV these days because of product placement. Fortunately there are still a few good movies and television shows left that resist the temptation to completely sell out.

  2. I noticed a decidedly Apple feel, but I love my Macbook (bought well before Wall-E came out) and my Mac Mini (bought when it first came out), so it was just cool to see in my opinion. BTW, has anyone noticed that even commercials for other products, such as one for a new car, use Apple products. Is this product placement? Not exactly, they use it, because Apple products have a “Modern look”. I was in a training session one day and an interesting comment was made, if people perceive that the technology you are using is outdated, they also tend to think that the information that you are providing is outdated. This is why a lot of companies tend to use Apple Products, as the technology “looks newer,” even if it isn’t. I think this is why Wall-E has this same influence.

  3. or it just could be because the original idea for wall-e was drawn up when steve jobs still owned all of pixar. the very first teaser for the movie wall-e even said that it was one of the first pixar movies written but the technology was not there to make it happen the way they wanted it to. Steve probably had a big had in the original film. So i think a little product placement is the least disney could do.

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