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WDWToday – Have You Heard This – Disney Fan Podcast Review

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Are you tired, listless? Do you scan your iPod looking for something new? Does your playlist need a shot in the arm? Well,


This week let’s talk about the best Walt Disney World planning podcast around, WDWToday. The WDWToday podcast is a weekly show focusing on planning and enjoying a trip to Walt Disney World. It’s hosted by Matt Hochberg of, Len Testa of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, Mike Scopa of and Mike Newell of

These four guys love Walt Disney World and aren’t afraid to admit it. Each one brings a unique perspective to planning a trip. Len is the touring plans God. If you have any good ideas about measuring pillow fluffiness please let him know. Mike Newell is the sound guy. He likes turtles and looks forward to an all Newell show in the future. Mike Scopa is the old man of the show. The man Scopa Towers was named for and full of wisdom about the parks. Matt is the dreamy moderator. He’s a lover of all things Disney Studios and a 10 on the meow scale.

WDWToday is released 3 times a week and you’re guaranteed lots of laughs and tons of new ideas about planning a trip to Walt Disney World. They provide a wealth of knowledge about all that Walt Disney World has to offer. Reviews of restaurants and attractions, suggestions about the best way to tour the parks, tons of listener emails answered in a timely and efficient manner (NOT), these are just a few of the diverse offerings on the show. Leading experts from various Walt Disney World websites join them on a regular basis to lend their own perspectives and insights. A wide array of experts has made appearances on the podcast. From the fabulous Annette Owens of MEI-MouseFan Travel to Steve “TikiMan” Seifert of the Unofficial Polynesian Resort website, the guests featured on the show are experts in their fields.

WDWToday (itunes) is an excellent resource if you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World. It’s a great way to get a weekly fix if you don’t have a vacation coming. It’s the place to go for all the latest on the Mongello controversy. But, most of all , WDWToday is an excellent show put together by four guys who love Walt Disney World and love to share that passion with others.

WDW Today podcast

That’s it for Have You Heard This for this week. Now, did I drop my Wonka Bar on the way out of the Hydrolators or did I leave it behind that freakin’ bush?

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