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Disneyland iPhone App makes your trip easier via Community

A new Disneyland iPhone App for sale on iTunes makes your trip easier through cooperation. The “Got PlanS Disneyland Park Planner” by HyTech Professionals (ie, not Disney) includes the usual trip planning mobile application components: a park map, dining suggestions, attractions, etc. But Got PlanS has a few features that make it more than worth its modest price.

Disneyland iphone app

Got PlanS uses the built in GPS (Got PlanS, get it?) of the iPhone to help locate yourself on the Disneyland Map. It remembers where you parked your car, tells you what attraction or dining is closest to you, and includes additional points of interest. You can build a list of attractions you want to see and check them off as you experience them. There’s also a calendar feature to let you enter dining reservations, Fastpass return times, or the time to meet up with the rest of your party.

Where GotPlanS gets really exciting is the way it calculates attraction wait times. Guests who are at Disneyland and using the app are prompted to enter the wait time for attractions as they get in queue for them. This information is anonymized and then used to provide close to actual wait times to everyone using the app in the park that day. You can then set up a reminder to prompt you if a wait time drops below a certain amount on the attraction you’re looking for. Sort of a virtual FastPass.

In essence everyone in the park using the app becomes part of a community designed to give each other a better park experience. It’s a very elegant solution to the wait time problem and leaves some great opportunities for opt-in messaging between users on a day to day basis.

The sad thing is Disney should have done this themselves for mobile users across all platforms, not just ones they happen to sign a sponsorship deal with. This is the earliest stages of an augmented reality that will make the Guest experience richer for everyone. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Now if they’d only port it to the Sprint Instinct, which is what I use. You iPhone users can buy it on iTunes for just $2.99.

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  4. tried this, but its only as good as the community in the parks that day.

    I believe Disney is soon to release some mobile apps on Verizon, with plans for all platforms soon after.

  5. I think this app has had some updates made to it to help it be more useful. Another good one out there is the Walkee for Disneyland. It has a few more extras and it seems a bit more popular and easier to use than this one. Until Disney releases their own this one seems to do the trick.

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