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Carnage Numbers Revealed for Disney Parks Layoffs

The Walt Disney Company revealed it has recently eliminated 1900 positions through a combination of layoffs, severance, and the closing of open positions at its Disney theme park locations (Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and a few other suppot locations). That works out to be about 2% of the total workforce, but since the cuts occurred mainly in management and executive levels, the percentage of salaried positions cut is much higher and felt much deeper.

Cuts in Florida include 900 layoffs and buyouts while California had 200 layoffs or buyouts. Those affected in Florida have even started a Facebook group for support.

The move comes as the Walt Disney Company attempts to reorganize much of its domestic operations into a central management. No longer will there be a menu committee for both the west coast and the east coast, now there is just one group. Other divisions hit hard were marketing, training, and human resources. Cuts in entertainment have been going on for a long time, but that division was hit hard too.

(Via the Orlando Sentinel)

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