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Did Apple use Pixar’s The Incredibles to test market The iPad

We know that Apple provided Pixar designers the opportunity to meet with their head product design team while coming up with the concept for the robot ‘Eve’ from Wall-E, but was the collaboration between the two companies before that? /Film has a post speculating that Steve Jobs used his interest in both companies to test market the idea of the iPad by inserting a similar design into the Pixar film The Incredibles.

Here are the important scenes from the movie:

The Incredibles was released in 2004, 6 years prior to the iPad and 3 years prior to the iPhone. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Did Apple use Pixar’s The Incredibles to test market The iPad”

  1. Sorry but this is yet another story of Apple gambits grasping at straws in order to credit Apple for inventing something that has been around for half a century.

    And before I get flames, let me point out I’m typing this response from an iPad. I love the thing to death but I’ve wanted a tablet since I’ve seen them on black and white sic fi reruns and have reciepts from decades of Palm Pilots, Newtons and Windows Tablets to prove it.

    Apple may have done a good job with the iPad but seeing a tablet in the Incredibles has more to do with the homage to classic sic-fi than Apple influencing movies with product testing. Both Jobs and Pixar have far too much integrity to do that sort of stuff…

  2. Seriously, okay so theres somethign in a movie that looks kinda of like an iPad, It must have bee nput there on purppose.No. It looks likes like an iPad, yes. But is it one, no.

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  4. More likely Pixar (and Apple themselves) snagged the idea from Star Trek. Memory is fuzzy on whether the original series had PADDs, but TNG definitely showed them prominently — in 1987 and the years following.

    (And yes, our house is full of Apple hardware too.)

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