Videopolis: Tale Spin Theme Song from Disney Afternoon A Capella

I was a big fan of Tale Spin back when it was on Disney Afternoon circa 1990. But for some reason the theme song hasn’t been one of the big hits like Dark Wing Duck… until now. Here’s a German translation of the theme song (German title: Käpt’n Balu und seine tollkühne Crew ) done a capella with one guy doing all the parts and sound effects. Don’t worry about the foreign language part, the song’s great even in another language.

Told ya!

Btw, see his Duck Tales opening video too.

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  1. As one-half of the songwriting team that wrote the song for “Tale Spin”, I was thrilled and impressed by the video. Really great work!! Lots of good spirit and joy. Wonderful vocals! I love hearing this song this way! Thank you for keeping the song alive.

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