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Toy Story inspires Hooliganism in the UK

This is not the first time some little kid has watched Toy Story and been inspired to crawl in the out door of one of those Crane toy-grabbing prize machines. But it might be the first time it happened with twins.

Apparently 2-year old Jake and his brother had watched Toy Story the night before their big trip to Jitterbugs Party World. When Jake saw the toy-grabbing machine with ‘The Claw’ right out of the famed Pixar movie, he couldn’t resist climbing inside just like the toys Buzz and Woody did in the movie. Unfortunately, getting out wasn’t as easy and firefighters had to be called to cut him out of the machine.

Pixar inspires hooligans, I tell you. :)

More, including incriminating photos, at the Mail Online.

3 thoughts on “Toy Story inspires Hooliganism in the UK”

  1. Being that they’re in the UK maybe the kid saw the episode of The IT Crowd where Moss goes inside the ‘claw’ machine to get an iPhone. There could be plenty of other reasons the kid went into the machine too. I just love how they instantly jump to the Toy Story conclusion to get the bigger headline. Funny all the same though.

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