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Pixar’s short film Presto now on iTunes

If you’ve seen WALL-E then hopefully you’ve also seen the delightfully wacky short that proceeded it–Presto! Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s now available to buy on iTunes along with a host of other Pixar and Disney animated shorts.

Netflix Delivering Straight to Television

Michael Liedtke, AP Business Writer, says that Netflix is going to deliver movies directly to televisions. DVD-by-mail service Netflix Inc. will begin delivering movies and other programming directly to televisions later this year through a set-top box that will pipe entertainment over a high-speed Internet connection. The set-top box, to be made by LG Electronics… Read More »Netflix Delivering Straight to Television

Home Viewing News Keeps Coming

There is no shortage of news lately in changes to home/personal media access.  Jon Gambrell of the Associated Press reports that Wal-Mart is shutting down its own online movie and television show download service. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has closed an online movie download service it launched less than a year ago. The retreat for Wal-Mart,… Read More »Home Viewing News Keeps Coming

Disney Does Well through iTunes, But…

Chuck Salter of takes an extensive look at the results of Disney/ABC’s deal with Apple’s iTunes, and Disney’s post-Eisner doings in general. Breaking ground on iTunes was a risky strategy, one that could have alienated advertisers and local affiliates. "It wasn’t something you expected Disney to be the first to do, given its historically… Read More »Disney Does Well through iTunes, But…

Steve Jobs avoids criminal charges in backdated options probe

Mercury News reports that Steve Jobs has been found to be in the clear when it comes to criminal charges related to the backdated options he received as CEO. Backdating isn’t always illegal, but steps must be followed, including disclosure rules. In Apple’s case, the company has admitted the grant to Jobs, approved in December… Read More »Steve Jobs avoids criminal charges in backdated options probe

Zune, Disney and how Apple should make its own kid-oriented iPod (hint: Disney iPod anyone?)

As an electrical engineer, I am interested in technology. Ok,
I am obsessed with technology. Well ok, even ‘obsessed’ might not be stressing
its overall importance in my life. Let’s just say I like technology. This means
I keep track of certain news coming out of places like Redmond, WA or the Silicon Valley.

One of the more interesting tidbits revolves around
Microsoft’s newest attempt to redefine their status as the world’s largest
software company into the world’s largest technology company. This time around,
it’s the Zune media player – Microsoft’s so-called answer to Apple’s iPod. Essentially,
it is an attempt by Microsoft to capture the market that Apple dominates with
their iPod and its derivatives.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. The Zune isn’t that
great and its current market share shows it. In just its second week of release,
it is the fifth most popular digital media device in the US with a lousy
2.1% of the market (based on units sold). Apple’s iPod, not so surprisingly,
took the overall lead. What is interesting however, is just who Microsoft tied
for fifth with.

Read More »Zune, Disney and how Apple should make its own kid-oriented iPod (hint: Disney iPod anyone?)

Disney and Pixar sitting in a tree…

“We feel sick about Disney doing [Pixar] sequels,” said Steve Jobs, the Apple chief who also heads Pixar, at the height of animosities between the two. At the time, Mr Jobs said: “If you look at their sequels, like Lion King 1½ . . . it’s pretty embarrassing.” Alright, there’s yet another story on the… Read More »Disney and Pixar sitting in a tree…