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New Space restaurant coming to EPCOT returns to an early Disney theme park trend

If you visited Disneyland during the first five years of its operation, one of the attractions you could have visited in Tomorrowland was Space Station X-1 (later renamed Satellite View of America). Guests stood on a platform that gave you the perspective of soaring above the Earth from the perspective of space station. Now, 60 years later, Disney is returning to the idea of a space perch over planet Earth with a new restaurant idea for EPCOT’s Mission: Space pavilion.

Concept art provided by Disney shows guests dining in a floating space station as the Earth tumbles by underneath. Based on the side of the screen it looks like Disney will be utilizing some state of the art digital technology to make the illusion. You might also get the chance to interact with a space walking astronaut or two.

The as yet unnamed ‘space’ restaurant will be built adjoining the future world Mission:Space attraction. It will be operated by the Patina restaurant group which also operates Tutto Italia and Via Napoli in EPCOT and Morimoto Asia and soon The Edison and related venues in Disney Springs.

“We know our guests love dining at Epcot – and the restaurants really are out of this world,” said Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald at D23 Expo. “Now we’re about to create one that takes that literally.”

I like the idea because it gives guests the chance to experience something they otherwise never would, a space culinary adventure with a tremendous view. I also trust Patina group to provide a fantastic dining experience.

Admission to Space Station X-1 was $0.10 or one ‘A’ ticket, we presume the new Space restaurant will cost more than that, but it’s true that good ideas never really go away at Disney.

What do you think about the out of the world dining experience coming to EPCOT?

8 thoughts on “New Space restaurant coming to EPCOT returns to an early Disney theme park trend”

  1. Looks cool. Seem like it will give them a chance to test out the technology for making it appear you are looking out into space and iron out any wrinkles before the Star Wars-themed hotel opens.

  2. I look forward to understanding exactly where this will reside…perhaps remove Wonders of Life and place it between Mission Space and the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction? Out of all the D23 announcements, I feel like this one is the most questionable of decision making. Epcot is already known as the food park. Does anyone actually want to eat in Future World when fantastic choices are endless around World Showcase? Let’s deal with the neglected pavilions before adding food venues.

    1. Even though I love all the food options in World Showcase, I want badly to eat here. This looks like a very unique experience, perfectly suited to Future World & a Pavilion themed on “Space”.
      There’s plenty of demand for places to munch at Epcot.

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