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Mission: Space at EPCOT to open new adventures for guests this August

The Mission: Space pavilion at EPCOT contains a variety of NASA-stye training to prepare you for a rocket trip to the planet Mars. The main attraction is a motion-simulator experience where you can pick your level of intensity. Orange is the more intense experience that includes elevated G-forces and centrifugal spinning motion while Green is less intense experience with no spinning, but still movement of your shuttle cabin.

With so much big news announced recently, it may have escaped your attention that Mission: Space’s simulator training missions will both be getting refreshed. The more intense Orange mission will be updated with new more visually stunning graphics. The Green adventure will be something entirely new, and more family friendly, that focuses on an orbital adventure around planet Earth. The goal is to welcome even younger cadets to join the adventure for the first time.

It’s ironic that interest in the Mission: Space pavilion had been waning while general public interest in exploring space is increasing. Commercial space ventures are expanding, including a possible moon shot in just a few weeks, and the US Government just recommitted to returning to the moon as part of a larger plan to get us to Mars. This will make the Mission: Space pavilion more relevant than ever and it is a good move by Disney to update the pavilion to keep tabs on the trend.

Also announced at D23 Expo was an expansion of the Mssion:Space pavilion to include a new space themed restaurant experience. Will the new ride experiences opening next month entice you to return for another ride on Mission: Space?

2 thoughts on “Mission: Space at EPCOT to open new adventures for guests this August”

  1. This is one of the few rides at Disney I always avoid. The first time I went on this, The G-Force was so strong that it ruined my experience the rest of the day. I actually still get dizzy thinking about it, lol.

  2. Alas, I can no longer ride it after a nasty claustrophobic incident the last time I tried to ride. First time there was ever a delay and I could not handle it. Too bad, always was fun.

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