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Mission: Space at EPCOT relaunches August 13th

While Ellen’s Energy Adventure will close forever on August 13th, just a few steps away Mission: Space will start a new adventure with the first new training video since the attraction launched in 2003. Both sides of the attraction have had some TLC applied. The more intense Orange Mission has a new, HD video to make your training journey to Mars clearer and more realistic than ever before.

The ride’s less-intense Green Mission has been less-dramatically re-imagined. It’s a new mission on an exciting orbit around earth with dramatic views of the Hawaiian Islands, Italy’s ‘boot’ and the Northern Lights – as seen from space. It ends at the world famous Kennedy Space Center with a landing you wont forget.

The green mission side has also lowered its height limit to 40 inches. Those between 40-44″ will be provided booster seats to help them better enjoy the attraction.

Disney has also announced that a new Space-themed restaurant with an orbital view of Earth will be added to the Mission: Space pavilion. We can’t wait for that too.

Will the new even less-intense green mission entice you to return for another ride? What about the new HD views on the more serious Orange side?

1 thought on “Mission: Space at EPCOT relaunches August 13th”

  1. I did Orange last time and it made me so dizzy and sick feeling! And I’m in good shape! My aunt got so sick afterwards she had to leave the park! I’m excited to try Green this time though :)

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