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New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait – Jessica Chastain as Merida from Pixar’s Brave

Photograph Annie Leibovitz’s collaboration with Disney Parks for the wonderful Disney Dream Portrait series continues. This time with the first every character from a Pixar film. Jessica Chastain portrays Princess Merida from “Brave” in this portrait entitled “Where your destiny awaits.” Chastain previously appeared in “The Help” a Dreamworks film distributed by Walt Disney Studios and for which she received multiple award nominations.

Jessica Chastain as Princess Merida in Latest Disney Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

I’m not sure they captured Merida’s horse correctly, but I do love the choice of subject for this photo. What do you think? How did they do capturing the spirit of Merida?

Behind the scenes pic below the jump:


Disney promises more behind the scenes photos tomorrow. (Update: here they are)

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Update: behind the scenes video now available.

Other photos courtesy: Scott Brinegar,

3 thoughts on “New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait – Jessica Chastain as Merida from Pixar’s Brave”

  1. As a sister Redhead to Merida with Scottish Heritage to boot…I have to say SPENDID subject matter! But if they would’ve had an Angus horse, Merida wouldn’t seem so diminished by a beautiful black horse with long mane and tale!

  2. I love the picture! This portrayal of Merida is quite true to form and supports what we originally loved about her, she was independent, strong, a tomboy, and a little wild. Well done!!

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