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Even more WALL-E News

Experts are predicting the 4th of July holiday weekend box office to be huge as families choose to stay close to home instead of taking the traditional road trip. The Will Smith superhero flick “Hancock” is predicted to do over … Continue reading

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More WALL-E News

This film continues to stir up conversations. Here are a few of the best articles I’ve found recently. Jason Calacanis finds two possible inspirations for WALL-E. Yeah, the Short Circuit references has been done… but the other one is a … Continue reading

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WALL-E and EVE interactive toys plus more

WALL-E is the little robot that could. Could generate a $63 million plus opening weekend that is. I’m predicting that Kit Kitteridge doesn’t stand a chance against WALL-E and Pixar will slide into second behind Will Smith in Hancock over … Continue reading

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Waaalll-eee (A review of Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E)

Yesterday we took my daughter to see Wall-E. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a little intense for a 2 year old, so we watched a few of the trailers and vignettes of our robotic friend online … Continue reading

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Disney Discoveries – Links for a Lazy Sunday

It’s hot everywhere and it’s a good day just to take it easy. With that in mind, here is some recent Disney news to explore: WALL-E had a strong Friday and Saturday and now appears to be on the path … Continue reading

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