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Early WALL-E Reviews are In for Pixar

WALL-E screenings are beginning to happen with one of the first being the wrap party for Pixar employees. Obviously, there are some slight spoilers, if you want to form your own opinion.

Here’s DoomMunky at the Quarter to Three Game Forums who saw WALL-E at the wrap party:

Okay, my girlfriend ROCKS. I saw Wall-E two nights ago at its wrap party, and it’s just wonderful. It’s honestly funny, moving and exciting, and Wall-E itself (himself?) is adorable and endearing. It’s a great, great movie. Also Presto had me crippled with laughter. Y’all are in for a treat. I can’t wait to see it again, and I never want to see something again right away.

Then the Upcoming Pixar blog claims to have found this review on The Animation Guild blog (however, I can’t find it):

Get ready for “Wall-e” then. It is about as far from the “same-old” as you can get. I got to see it last night and it is nothing less than astonishing. A love story with robots that is so emotional and touching. Robots who teach humans how to be human again. And it is the best looking film so far this year of any released or on the horizon. The animation is virtually ALL pantomime—and is so entertaining. I can’t wait to see it again! What an amazing risk Pixar took—and it really pays off in spades.

I’m so looking forward to WALL-E, I think it’s going to be a huge hit with kids, nerds, families, and any one who has ever been in love.

Update: More WALL-E reviews and links.

14 thoughts on “Early WALL-E Reviews are In for Pixar”

    1. Wall E is by far the best pixar movie to date,and hes just the cutest little garbage compactor to ever hit big screens,if someone dosent like this movie they have no soul…and there an idiot.

  1. I was given tickets to the premiere of Wall-E on Tuesday, and I was really looking forward to going with my 4 year old daughter. I really disliked it, though. I felt the movie was very “preachy” regarding the environment, obesity, and the lack of human interaction. It definitely was not what I’d consider a “feel good” movie, and I left the movie annoyed at the lack of dialogue and annoying voices of the lead characters.

    My 4 year old did enjoy it, though, and at least I got the tickets for free.

    1. I agree. Take Al Gore’s book to its logical conclusion and you get this movie. Unfortunately, its stupidity overshadows any technical merit. Does not come up to the standards set by Toy Story, Nemo, Monsters, Inc., etc. And a love story between two robots? You have got to be kidding. My 3 year old fell asleep. My 11 year old was bored. I want my $31 back and the old Pixar.

      1. Lighten up you all…it’s just entertainment. Pixar rocks and continues to make fun movies. Keep it up Pixar!

      2. Wow, I felt like it was truly one of the best movies I have seen in years. My ADD 10 year old loved it, my 16 year old football player son loved it, and I loved it. I cried, I got scared, about where our world is heading. I thought it was a gentle wake up call about where our world is heading. It sunk in for my kids too, on the way home we TALKED.. No iPod or anything. And last night we played board games for hours. I think it is a must see film for families.. Well done Pixar!

    2. You have a problem with a movie preaching about love, the environment, and obesity those are not bad habits we can teach our kid to learn because if they don’t well. Also how is a movie kind of centered around two robots falling in love not feel good. Anyways great movie go see it.

  2. not pixar’s best by far. my 4 year old liked it but in his words “not that much”. 3 year old wanted to go potty about 4 times (nvr had to actually potty) she was bored. although I liked it somewhat it just seemed to be missing something. definitely strong political statements but what do expect from disney

  3. I enjoyed Wall-E but my 3 year old was bored. She left early with my wife. Several other young children became more disruptive as the movie went on. I liked the message and movie but unlike Finding Nemo, this is not a great film for the younger children. There is no objectionable content, it just didn’t hold my daughter’s attention.

  4. WAll-e was an amazing film pixar really showed their stuff when i saw it. Loved everything about it, would pay 12 bucks to see it again.

    1. I completely agree. One of the great Pixar movies I have ever seen. This movie is also tied with the Incredibles. I only paid six dollars and I would love to see it again as well. Wall-E is a very cute movie.

  5. WALL-E was an amazing movie. I don’t understand why anyone would think it was preachy. Yes, it uses an environmental disaster as the catalyst for humans leaving earth, but how many other reasons would allow for WALL-E to be left on earth and plans be made to come back. The trash gave plausible reason to the plot, while also creating an interesting visual environment for WALL-E and EVE to first meet.

    As parents, would you prefer an apocalyptic disaster like the overdone asteroids and comets of the 90’s disaster flicks or the nuclear holocausts of the 50’s? People had to leave earth for the plot to work, and trash provided a non-violent and visually interesting reason while also giving the filmmakers an easy and interesting way to show WALL-E’s personality without dialog.

    It is not preachy, it is just logical filmmaking.

    Any messages in the film were delivered innocuously and provided food for thought for the older viewers of the film, but didn’t come close to the indoctrination of young viewers that some are claiming.

    And, in all seriousness, if you think bringing up environmental concerns, making fun of WALMART style consumerism, and pointing out that people that are in a low-G environment with no supplemental exercise would be fat are things that are unpatriotic, you really need to learn the definition of patriotism.

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