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New WALL-E Pics

Slashfilm has nine great new Images from Pixar’s WALL-E. They appear to be from an unreleased trailer and do contain what could be considered spoilers. For instance, some of the details of the photos reveal what are obviously plot points and there is a good… Read More »New WALL-E Pics

WALL-E, Real, Live, and in person???

DSC_0860. Originally uploaded by cuehefnerr Update: Sigh. These photos have been removed too. The photos may have been removed from that other blog, but flickr user cuehefnerr has uploaded a few into this Flickr Set. He’s a cute little fellow in real life, isn’t he.… Read More »WALL-E, Real, Live, and in person???

New WALL-E Trailer

If you haven’t seen the new WALL-E trailer, head on over to and check it out. It does contain what some might consider spoilers. So if you’re staying spoiler, free, consider yourself warned. June 27th is the big day. Get ready for some robot… Read More »New WALL-E Trailer

New WALL-E Poster Released by Disney-Pixar

The newest, and possibly the final, poster for Disney-Pixar’s upcoming mega-hit WALL-E has been released. This film is going to rock! Visit the official site. (download a larger version – Download walleposter.jpg (295.2K))