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April Showers – Monday Night Roundup

Now that things are getting to be a little more stable about The Disney Blog, it’s time to start the links roundup again. I think I have a few good ones for you tonight.

  • Disney Gossip has an interesting story about the real reason for the changes to “its a small world”. If true, this does not make me any happier about the horrible way this classic attraction is being treated.
  • Here’s a great flickr set of photos from the Golden Horseshoe Revue reunion and Wally Boag tribute on March 29th. It’s events like this that really make me miss living on the left coast.
  • California has sold municipal bonds to help fund the Walt Disney Family Museum. I’m definitely not a finance wizard, but I think the math here doesn’t really add up.
  • The cost to rent a stroller at Walt Disney World is now approaching the ridiculous (we’ve gone plaid). A single-child stroller is now $15 a day, up from $10. A two-child stroller is now $31 a day, up from $18. Motorized scooters, are now $45 a day, up from $35. If you plan to attend for more than one day it is now cheaper to stop by Wal-Mart or Target and pick up an umbrella stroller. If you see a guy selling strollers from the back of a van just off Disney property, that would be me. I’m going to make a mint!
  • Director Andrew Stanton talks about his ‘unconventional’ main character WALL-E.
  • Patrick from MTV’s Multiplayer gamer blog talks about his run-in with the very tight security at a WALL-E game preview. It’s like Fort Knox up there.
  • Alain Littaye continues his excellent coverage of Disneyland Paris, this time the grand opening ceremonies of the European version of the Tower of Terror. Also check out these great backstage videos.
  • Finally, Disney has decided to offer “Free” dining to guests planning to visit Walt Disney World between 8/24 and 9/20 and who book with a Disney Visa . It will open to all bookings in a few days. So if you already have a vacation planned for that period nows the time to do the math and see if ‘free’ dining makes sense for you.

2 thoughts on “April Showers – Monday Night Roundup”

  1. Well the Disney Gossip news is very unfortunate and sad.

    The reasoning behind the price hike for the strollers and scooters was that prices hadn’t adjusted to inflation for over three years. Yeah, most of the CMs think it’s swiss cheese too. A good tip for strollers is that you can get umbrella strollers at Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney, I think the latest price I saw was $42.99 so if you’re staying for longer then three days it works out well. Also there’s that open return policy to think about so save those receipts…

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