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Tea Cup Fracas goes to Trial

One of my favorite sayings about people on vacation at a Disney theme park is: “There’s no worse thing than a child scorned at Disney World… especially when that child is an adult.” The alleged facts of a May 2007 incident that left one woman permanently injured and resulted in the arrest of another, only bare that out.

Today the case was finally brought to trial and both sides can now make their case. One side claims she was only defending herself after a woman and her children cut in front of her in line. The other side claims she was brutally kicked, punched, and assaulted while attempting to board the Mad Tea Party attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

It will soon be in front of a jury and we’ll have a better idea of what went down.

If you recall at the beginning of this whole mess the story was that Disney security let the assailant get away before deputies could question her. That resulted in a two month hunt to find the accused. I wonder if that’s going to enter into the testimony at all.

(via News13)

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