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Disney’s growing Social Media efforts

Lee Aase attended a speech by Duncan Wardle, Sr VP Disney Global PR, on Disney Park’s social media efforts. It’s worth a read.

This was a very interesting presentation. If big brands like Disney are realizing they need to cede control of their messages (or better yet, realize they never had control), it should be a sign to others that they need to embrace user-generated content, too.

Right now the Disney Parks division has three ‘Social Media’ ventures: the the Mom’s Panel (12 official Disney Moms talking to the community at large), the Mickey Moms Club (the remaining 9988 moms who were not selected as one of the 12 aforementioned official Disney Moms) plus they’re running their second successful program with CareerBuilder, this time for a Dream CMO (Chief Magical Official) which is in its final stages.

Other Walt Disney Company divisions are entering the Social Media realm too. Check out this Disney Dad’s Movie club. Movie reviews by real dad’s working for the Mouse House.

Btw, I agree with Duncan that all Disney employees should be encouraged to blog. Many do, just unofficially as regular joes and janes who just happen to work for the Mouse. But Disney should identify its subject matter experts who may already be blogging or working in new media in some other fashion and giving them some official encouragement.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I really enjoyed Duncan’s presentation, and learning about the great things they’re doing at Disney to engage brand advocates.

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