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New WALL-E Photos and more

WALL-E may not hit theaters until June 27, but two new pictures (and high resolution versions of some older pictures) are now available for viewing on /Film. There are some slight spoilers, but nothing you wouldn’t get by watching the trailers. (Link) Games have finally… Read More »New WALL-E Photos and more

New WALL-E featurette from Pixar

Pixar has released a new featurette in advance of WALL-E’s June 26th release called “The Man and the Machine.” It’s another great look at director Andrew Stanton and his vision for the film. There are a few moments that might be considered spoilers, so be… Read More »New WALL-E featurette from Pixar

Video of Real Life WALL-E Robot in action

Wall-E in Real LifeFinally, images and video of the real life version of the WALL-E robot from the Pixar/Disney summer animated feature in action. This photo and video was taken on an excursion in Los Angeles. WALL-E is going to be huge as even this version is too cute.

See the video on Vimeo! (or below the cut) Almost 20,000 people have already seen the video. That’s cool.

Btw, this is the version that is supposed to eventually make it’s way to schools, children’s hospitals and theme parks.

Read More »Video of Real Life WALL-E Robot in action

New WALL-E Video hits the net

Ready for your daily dose of cute? The WALL-E featurette that was released and then taken down last month has been reworked and is now available on Yahoo. In it director Andrew Stanton discusses the robot’s journey.

Sunday Night Finds

Best wishes for a quick recovery for Adrian Bailey. Bailey fell 20 feet from a set-piece on the set of The Little Mermaid Musical and ended up in the hospital. The show had not yet begun, so the audience was not witness to the fall.… Read More »Sunday Night Finds