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Real Life WALL-E makes another appearance, this time in Philadelphia

Your favorite robot and mine WALL-E is certainly getting around. Previously he was spotted in Los Angeles interacting with some citizens outside a building. Now he’s found his way to a Science Museum in Philadelphia.

A friend of The Disney Blog was there and sends this report and video:

There’s about a 7-10 minute scripted “show” with a host that interacts with Wall-E, asking questions such as “what do you like to collect” and “where have you been” and “you love Eve don’t you” giving a brief overview of the plot of the film. To be honest our host was far from impressive reading from a clipboard and in general very awkward in his interactions, and Wall-E seemed slow to react as if the timing was off. But nonetheless the detail and fluidity of the Wall-E animatronic is impressive and honestly he’s just so damn cute it doesn’t matter.

(Thanks Peetah!)

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