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How Important Is WALL-E?

One NY Times columnist, in his opinion piece “WALL-E For President“, believes the film should be required viewing for all, especially for Presidential Candidates: Mr. McCain should be required to see “Wall-E” to learn just how far adrift he is from an America whose economic… Read More »How Important Is WALL-E?

Even more WALL-E News

Experts are predicting the 4th of July holiday weekend box office to be huge as families choose to stay close to home instead of taking the traditional road trip. The Will Smith superhero flick “Hancock” is predicted to do over $100 million for the holiday weekend. Pixar’s WALL-E looks likely to bring in $35 million. I plan to get out their and add my families $27 to the total.

Good stories about Pixar’s WALL-E continue to flow in. Remember that “I watch WALL-E” Youtube Video of the woman who cried while watching the the WALL-E trailer? Well the folks at Pixar saw that video too and were inspired by it. As thanks they sent a few gifts to her and invited her to the movie’s Wrap Party. How cool is that. She’s written up her experience on her blog. [ via Cinematical]

Remember that line from “The Incredibles” – “When everyone is special, no one is”. Columnist Paul Edwards sees elements of that same strong individualist message in WALL-E. Edwards takes an anti-liberal slant to his article, I think he might be confusing liberalism with lack of personal responsibility which can be found in every wash of life. There might be a few other facts wrong about the movie too.

Meanwhile, Christianity Today interviews Director Andrew Stanton about some of the religious themes in the movie. [ via CartoonBrew]

Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing humorously points out that WALL-E is a copyright criminal. Wait, wouldn’t the copyright have expired 700 years into the future? Maybe not if Disney gets its way in congress.

IO9, the sci-fi blog, has a long but somewhat pessimistic view of WALL-E in it’s review.

If you’re a fan of toys “Captain Toys” has reviewed a number of WALL-E Toys with more detail than you could possibly want.

Finally, Jason Kottke, whose opinion I find myself agreeing with alot, gave WALL-E a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating.

Below the cut check out this great featurette on how close modern day robotics is to creating a real WALL-E.

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More WALL-E News

This film continues to stir up conversations. Here are a few of the best articles I’ve found recently. Jason Calacanis finds two possible inspirations for WALL-E. Yeah, the Short Circuit references has been done… but the other one is a doozy. Think Progress has a… Read More »More WALL-E News

WALL-E and EVE interactive toys plus more

WALL-E is the little robot that could. Could generate a $63 million plus opening weekend that is. I’m predicting that Kit Kitteridge doesn’t stand a chance against WALL-E and Pixar will slide into second behind Will Smith in Hancock over 4th of July weekend. WALL-E… Read More »WALL-E and EVE interactive toys plus more

WALL-E Continues to Impress – More News and Reviews

Positive Reviews for Pixar’s WALL-E are coming in faster than anyone can really keep up with now that the movie has hit the big screen across the nation. Every minute another dozen twitters about the movie are posted and the buzz continues to grow. There’s… Read More »WALL-E Continues to Impress – More News and Reviews