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Disney Discoveries – Links for a Lazy Sunday

It’s hot everywhere and it’s a good day just to take it easy. With that in mind, here is some recent Disney news to explore:

  • WALL-E had a strong Friday and Saturday and now appears to be on the path to a $63 million box office for the weekend. That is somewhat over the industry’s $50 million expectation and a bit better than the Chinese Panda’s opening. /Film has collected a list of Easter Eggs and hidden gems in Pixar’s WALL-E. If you’ve seen the film, go see if you caught them all. Then go back to see the ones you’ve missed and help keep the box office numbers of for next weekend too. Already there’s a buzz for “best picture Oscar” for WALL-E too.
  • There’s now a petition to save the Adventurer’s Club at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney dining and entertainment complex. It’s been up for less than a day and already nearly 1000 signatures have been added. Go add yours and send a message to the Mouse House that closing the club should not be an option.
  • Future Travelers to Orlando will find their flight options limited. Many airlines have cut routes or reduced flights into and out of the tourism mecca. Good thing the US has that high speed bullet train network up and running finally. Oh wait, you mean nothing has been done to improve our transportation infrastructure for the last eight years?
  • is a bit disappointed in the new Disneyland Dream Home. Not for the reasons you might think, however.
  • A 17-year old was struck and killed by The Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia. It’s a tragedy for all involved and my condolences to his family. However, when you climb over two fences and past a half-dozen warning signs, you’re the one at fault.
  • Finally, please take a look at my current selection of eBay auctions. Seven end tonight. Most of them are Disney related. Your support helps The Disney Blog and you get something collectible in return.