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WALL-E Continues to Impress – More News and Reviews

Positive Reviews for Pixar’s WALL-E are coming in faster than anyone can really keep up with now that the movie has hit the big screen across the nation. Every minute another dozen twitters about the movie are posted and the buzz continues to grow.

  • There’s a great review by Dennis West of the Groundling’s Review – “The wonderful part of this movie is how the simple fact of Wall-E’s presence impacts every person he comes in contact with, and changes them all in very positive ways.”
  • /Film chimes in with it’s WALL-E review. “Andrew Stanton has created a masterpiece on the same level as recent classics like There Will Be Blood, The Departed, Pan’s Labyrinth and Children of Men.” I think they liked it.
  • Stephanie Fox over on the excellent Sci-fi blog IO9 has created this great chart called “The Measure Of A Robot” that places WALL-E and EVE among the pantheon of famous tv and movie robots.
  • Keith Emerson writes an open letter to Disney Executives begging them to continue to give Pixar free reign to create masterpieces like WALL-E.
  • Forbes makes a good point, that Pixar is continuing to deliver for Disney at the box office and at the retail register.

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