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How Important Is WALL-E?

One NY Times columnist, in his opinion piece “WALL-E For President“, believes the film should be required viewing for all, especially for Presidential Candidates:

Mr. McCain should be required to see “Wall-E” to learn just how far adrift he is from an America whose economic fears cannot be remedied by his flip-flop embrace of the Bush tax cuts (for the wealthy) and his sham gas-tax holiday (for everyone else). Mr. Obama should see it to be reminded of just how bold his vision of change had been before he settled into a front-runner’s complacency. Americans should see it to appreciate just how much things are out of joint on an Independence Day when a cartoon robot evokes America’s patriotic ideals with more conviction than either of the men who would be president.

Ouch. But if the shoe fits.

Btw, WALL-E rolled into second place at the box office this weekend with an additional $33.5 million. That brings his domestic box office total to $128 million and well on the path to a $200 million domestic total and $400 million overseas, which is just above average for a Pixar flick these days.

Way to go WALL-E!

(via CartoonBrew)